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Male Sex Dolls: 5 Ways To Experience Trailblazing Sex With A Realistic Male Sex Doll

Want to pound on a hot adult male with a face, physique, penis size, and personality that are cut out to your liking? If you want to have trailblazing sex where only your rules apply and without the complexity of relationships, your best bet is the versatile male sex doll.

Let’s delve into the amount of pleasure you’ll get out of this kink of fucking an obedient toy. This article aims to help you fulfill your ultimate desires with a male sex doll. It may cost you some money, but with a hundred ways to bang it to your satisfaction, you’ll eventually see it as an investment.

Here’s a table of contents section so you can skip to the most exciting part.

Overview Of Male Sex Dolls

Male sex dolls arrived on the market many years after the domination of female sex dolls in the adult toys niche. However, this new addition quickly rose to popularity, which proves that the move of adult sex toy companies to serve various sexualities is a wise decision.

Now, there are hundreds of sex doll options to choose from — all with different personas, skin colors, sizes, materials, and even accessories!

Not sure what to choose? I will briefly tackle finding the right male sex doll for you in this article. However, the more realistic ones, which belong to a more expensive tier, may be the best option if you’re aiming to experience nights of trailblazing sex with a toy.

Whether you have bought one already or you’re still trying to find out if a male sex doll is a purchase you won’t regret, I’ll be glad to help you out.

What Is A Male Sex Doll?

A male sex doll is an adult human replica toy with male genitalia. Apart from a grown man’s physique with a phallic feature, it also has a mouth and an anal orifice. Thus, this doll is a more versatile sex toy for women, couples, gay men, lesbians, and other groups.

Male sex dolls can be as modest as a mere torso with a phallic organ. Full-body male sex dolls, on the other hand, feature a full male physique — from head to feet.

Meanwhile, a realistic male sex doll is a highly detailed unit, with the most expensive types made of body-safe materials like medical-grade and body-safe silicones. As of this writing, these materials give you the closest to a human being in terms of look and feel. For steamy solo sex with an adult toy, I recommend having a realistic male sex doll by your side.

The Male Sex Doll Appeal

image of a woman lying with her head on a shirtless male sex doll
credits to Ars Technica

They’re just like the real thing… Only that you won’t get hurt by having a relationship with them! This is an obvious advantage when having a male sex doll as a sexual partner. However, there’s more than not having the emotional worries you do when sharing the heat with a human companion. 

If you’re confused about your identity, a male sex doll is a very flexible sex teacher. Use it as a female sex doll and dress it up with fake boobs. The next day, try having sex with it for what it is (as a male doll) and feel what it’s like to penetrate one’s ass or be the receiver.

Take note that even some couples are not missing out on the delight brought by a male sex doll!

One of the most appealing things about the realistic male sex doll is its versatility, as I have pointed out earlier. It has a penis that could replace a laborious dildo. It also has mouth and anal orifices ready for penetration. While you can buy a strap for a female sex doll, the male sex doll is an all-in-one package for an intense sex explorer.

With the option to customize your doll, you can order your ideal sex partner. You can choose for it to look like Superman, Captain America, Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen, or anyone from the Korean boyband BTS; the possibilities are endless! 

You may also order doll clothes, ask for a bigger or smaller dick size, a bulkier physique, and even body hairs for added realism!

Choosing The Right Male Sex Doll

So, before I discuss how a sex doll can blow your brains out, it’s important to choose the best male sex doll for your needs.

First, you need to consider your fantasies. Is it your ultimate desire to have sex with a Hollywood celebrity, a Korean guy, or an anime character? Getting in bed with a random or standard male sex doll for the D won’t suffice, and for kinky people like us, it’s not worth spending on. You’ll probably burn over $2,000 for a male sex doll, including maintenance, accessories, shipping, and lubes, so why not go all out?

The next thing to consider is your safety when using sex toys. As a general rule, buyers should check the material and quality of a product. I strongly recommend that you stick with medical-grade and body-safe silicones. While ABS plastic and Chlorine-free vinyl also sit in the body-safe tier, one can’t quickly identify what you’re getting. Also, they don’t feel realistic at all!

It’s easier to say what you must buy than what you must avoid because there are too many bad products out there. Some sex doll materials may sound fancy, but they don’t always equate to safety. 

Examples of unsafe substances used in cheap sex dolls are the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and the thermoplastic rubber (TPR), also called “fake silicone.” These are porous materials, making them hard to clean. They also become icky over time, especially in environments with uncontrolled temperatures. You wouldn’t want to have sex with molds, don’t you?

Finally, you have to consider the brand. Always keep in mind who you’re going to sue if their product messes up. Stick with reputable brands with authentic reviews. Most of them have active social media accounts, published return/refund terms on their websites, and are highly recommended by more prominent OnlyFans personalities.

Preparations For A Crazy Sex

I am now on a more exciting part of your sex journey with a male sex doll. For the best experience, be ready to take home and take care of your male sex doll. Adult toy companies usually provide maintenance instructions, and all you must do is prepare the right materials for its longevity and proper hygiene.

Get everything you need! If you want to record videos and earn money by selling porn, set up the bed and install sexy room lighting. Prepare the wardrobe, lubes, condoms, BDSM paraphernalia, and the story if you’re a slut for kinky tell-tales.

More importantly, DO NOT test the product right after unboxing. Like newly bought clothes, thoroughly clean your male sex doll, with great attention to the holes and the dick. If the doll comes with clothes, you must also wash them. It’s safe to assume they have dust and bacteria, even if the company promises a sterilized product before packing.

Maximizing The Experience With A Male Sex Doll

emo guy JackBentleyXXX having sex with two handsome male sex dolls
from JackBentleyXXX Pornhub Channel

Finally, after a lengthy Japanese-like teasing and foreplay, we’ve finally reached the core and climax of this article. This is Andre, and here’s a collection of ways to achieve brain-busting, trailblazing sex with your new silicone male sex doll boyfriend.

Warning: If you get easily aroused by content like this, grab a tissue before reading.

#1 – The Virgin Sex

Your first lovemaking with the doll must be like the usual first time. Casual, unplanned, and with reservations. You might need a good prelude before the sex, and if you can’t think of a good starter, here’s one:

Abstain from sexual activities for seven days, even if your male sex doll has already arrived. Think of the doll as a handsome platonic friend who came over to use your shower or have a place to sleep for a week because his partner chased him out.

Plunge yourself in dirty thoughts and pretend to be curious about what it’s like to be fucked in the ass or for the first time. Give malice to every interaction with the doll, who you think is your friend, and begin to tempt yourself every time the room falls silent.

When you can no longer hold it in, sneak into his futon or find an excuse to sleep in the same bed as his. By this time, you must be oozing with precum, and your hole is itching for a good rub. However, the clothes are getting in the way.

Still, you try your best not to give in. But whenever you imagine how it feels like to fill your ass with a stocky cock, it twitches like hell.

Damn! It’s getting hotter. Your silicone friend must have felt it, too—it is time to get rid of your tops.

Seeing him half-naked only made the scene more searing. His toned biceps, the caress-worthy pecs, and those hard nipples — they are seeking your attention! 

At this point, your heart is racing. The thumping is weird, and you’re at your limit. So you begin to put your hand over a spot to test his reaction. Being the curious guy with a thing for you, he didn’t nudge.

Hearing no complaints, you can now explore his other parts. Pretend it’s your first time, and be unsure what to do. Let the lust take over and violate him like a hungry cub. Try not to bust too soon.

#2 – Step Fantasies

Two brothers stroking each other's cock in bed
NextDoorTaboo – Twink Stepbro Share’s His Bed & His Cock

A SayUncle or a Bratty Stepsis fan like you must be aroused by breaking brood boundaries. If you find it hard to assume that the doll is a stepfamily, a name tag saying “step bro” or “stepdad” may be helpful.

If that isn’t enough, you should steal big bro’s or Daddy’s clothes and have your doll wear them. To take the obsession up a notch, consider customizing the doll to mimic the face and physique of your step fantasy. You’ll need to guess the dick size, though.

If the cheating or incest scenario isn’t enough, let’s bring the sex doll excitement to its peak with this staple kink:

What makes step fantasies a lot more exciting? Creampies!

So, when customizing your doll, ask the manufacturer to build a silicone stud that can impregnate you. Some ready-made dolls, like the Tantaly sex doll, squirt creamy cum that can fill up your hole if that blows your mind like crazy.

#3 – Make The Most Out Of The Customization Option

Spending money isn’t exciting, but doing it wisely is very rewarding. Getting a customized sex doll is like buying a new car or a house — you’ll buy the best you can with the money you have.

Think that when you get your sex doll, you marry it for good. If it’s only a few dollars away from the average doll to become an excellent sex toy, I highly suggest that you go for it.

Half-assed expense leads to incomplete experiences. You want the sex to be a blast with no what-if thoughts. So go all out.

Here are suggested customizations you should ask your manufacturer to create male sex doll of your dreams:

Make It Look Like Your Ultimate Dream Guy

Have them customize the hair and skin color, the facial hair, the facial features, the height, the physique, the muscle mass, and all.

The only downside is if you hated the person, you’d probably hate the doll, too. I suggest that it be chiseled to replicate someone you don’t know personally but passionately admire, like a celebrity, an athlete, an anime character, a fictional character… You know who you want to fuck every day.

Customize The Dick

The size, shape, and pubes must be detailed and shaped to your standards. If you want a mushroom-like dick (who else doesn’t?), don’t hesitate to tell your manufacturer.

Request For The More Sturdy Material

TPE is a popular sex doll material. However, this is on our list of what you should avoid, as it is porous, and its properties may change for the worst in rooms with uncontrolled temperatures. Remember that heat deforms plastics. With proper care, the sex doll will last 3-5 years.

On the other hand, medical-grade silicone is non-porous and has been proven to be the safest. The cheapest medical-grade silicone sex doll may be around $2,500, but with its expected lifespan of up to 10 years, it’ll be a decade of body-safe pleasure. Moreover, silicones aren’t deformed easily and are not susceptible to stains and heat, which is a common complaint on TPEs.

Add A Cum Squirt Function

It’s important that your doll ejaculates when you want it to. Thus, request for your male sex doll to have a function that allows it to shoot cum in just a pump. Ask about your body-safe fluids that look, feel, smell, taste, and be as thick as a fruitful man’s semen.

#4 – Fuck and Get Fucked

There are plenty of lewd scenes you can do with a male sex doll. You can bounce on the dick, rig a ceiling mechanism so it bangs you like crazy while it’s on top of you, or fuck it in any position you can think of.

If you’re a female user, consider buying a dildo strap so you can play dominatrix and penetrate the needy effeminate silicone in your bed. Explore positions to find what gives you the most pleasure.

If you’re a male user, there’s no need to tell us what you should do. Give it the fucking it needs! Let the orifices serve their purpose! Swap roles when you feel like it.

Male sex dolls are very flexible, and you can put them in your preferred sex positions. Explore and decide what kind of sex drives you crazy.

Here’s a list of what I recommend. 

  • Fuck the male sex doll, or get fucked in the reverse cowboy position (this is the best).
  • Get fucked in cowboy position.
  • DIY a mechanism so the doll can bang you in the missionary position.
  • Blow and choke on the doll’s dick. Have it service your cock as well.
  • Penetrate the doll in the spoon position. It’s hard to make it fuck you in this stance, but you can try.
  • Fuck it, dog-style.
  • Dominating fuck with its belly flat on the bed.

#5 – Other Role-Playing Scenarios

spandex suit guy fucking a nude male twink sex doll while standing
from Modeusdom Pornhub channel

If you haven’t watched as much porn as I do, you might struggle in scenario-making. We’re glad to help. Here are other role-playing games you can do with a male sex doll:

  • Play the role of a masseur or a masseuse. Offer an extra service or a happy ending to the doll. No response means YES!
  • Fuck your silicone stepbro or stepfather, as we suggested earlier.
  • Try becoming a person of authority (police) or a superhero. Arrest and handcuff that evil silicone man!
  • BDSM, because that silicone guy can handle the sexy beating without complaining!
  • Get the doll to fix your plumbing!
  • Be the teacher and teach the silent student human manners and deeds.
  • Fuck him while doing a live broadcast!
  • In search of a Pokémon, you found something else.
  • Pro tip: Grow your sex wardrobe. Your role-playing options may be expanded by a closet filled with costumes.

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