Peach as anus on anal twitches

Anal Twitches: A Must-Experience Orgasm. But How?

I think I had my first orgasm when I was six years old.

But don’t get too alarmed. I was not having sexual intercourse at that very young age, nor have I touched myself. I began masturbating during my teenage years (15 or 16), which is kind of late.

By the way, I am an Asian guy writing by the name of André. I am gay and have only had gay sex experiences with males.

So, how was I able to tell I had an orgasm?

I wasn’t sure either. But it felt so damn good. 

From the first time it occurred, I’ve been asking myself about that sensation and endlessly trying to experience it again. 

I’ll do my best to articulate the titillating feeling and the things I did that led to that presumed orgasm.

Part I – The Exams Made Me Cum

It may have happened to me for some time, but the earliest memory I can frame into words is this rambling story I had in first grade.

The six-year-old me was completely ignorant about sex. We had no internet and no phones. Also, my classmates were as clueless as I was. I was the lone child in the family, and my parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents were my only influences.

During exams, I was always the first to finish answering test questions. Unlike other schools, we wait for the teacher to ask for our papers. 

After looking around, daydreaming, and tinkering with my new pencil case, the teacher finally asked everyone to submit their test. 

Tension quickly built up like a Mentos candy on Coke when I realized my paper was missing—the fear of getting a failing grade and being scolded added to my anxiety.

But instead of crying like a typical child would, I stopped and continued to search, and I went from quickly frisking to slowly peeking into every pocket of my bag.

Because I couldn’t find it, the stress finally peaked. 

I felt helpless and vulnerable.

It’s like that dream of appearing naked in front of everyone.

Out of natural response, my anus began to contract, and the slow squeezes gained more speed every split second. 

And boom, there it was. 

Rapid and involuntary anal twitches sent me into a frenzy of pleasure!

My tiny toddler penis remained lax, yet, my anus was experiencing heaven.

Though I was still a child with no knowledge of sex, my instincts told me it was a private matter. How lewd and selfish of me to succumb to delight during exams!

This thought made the twitching grow even faster, which is now another predicament to solve.

As a top student, I knew I had to obscure what was happening to me. 

Fortunately or not, I found my paper in one of the many pockets of my bag.

The pleasure subsided as I began to feel safe. I was happy I found my paper but never stopped longing for that experience. 

How sinful of me.

Part II – My First Masturbation. Was It?

I knew that masturbation was a way of playing with oneself to achieve pleasure. My high school classmates have different terms for that. 

As an introvert who denied the changes happening in me, I kept silent about my ignorance and left the process of “masturbation” to “self-exploration.”

I knew it had something to do with the penis.

So I stared at my hard, uncut penis for a few minutes while inside the bathroom. 

Again, this was in my high school years. I know it doesn’t matter, but FYI, I went under the blade before my junior or senior year.

Because I still have that foreskin on, I assumed that rubbing it against the glans (the head of your dick) would be enough masturbation. So I diligently pat, knead, and stroke the tip, holding the foreskin so it covers the entirety of my head.

After a few tries, a weird sensation took over. I was on the right track, I thought. 

I wasn’t sure of what I was thinking back then. All I know is that guys do it, and that, I should do it, too. 

I didn’t know I had to imagine sexy thoughts so that masturbating could be more pleasurable… and quick.

It took me more than an hour, and I still didn’t know how to conclude my first-ever jerk-off activity.

Whenever I feel something building up, I stop out of fear. 

But soon, I found the courage to face what happens next. How careless for someone who still lives in their parent’s home.

That swelling feeling wasn’t building up in the scrotum or my steel-hard cock. 

It was in my anus.

After a few hard foreskin massages, I met my old friend. That rapid anal twitching was about to blow my mind once again.

But this time, I was alone.

I welcomed the contraction with my instinctual body response. I let my body react with no indecision. 

It would be the first time I’d experience this sensation without the worry of other people noticing me relishing this unnamed pleasure. I knew I had to partake in this blast with full attention.

After a few body archings and a wide-eyed disbelief, I could finally say I found what I’d been looking for for years.

Unfortunately, it is not male masturbation. But if there’s one thing I know, that pleasure is related to sex and masturbation. Again, how perverted of me that I experienced it first at the age of six and in public.

When I first masturbated correctly, I was satisfied, but I was very disappointed.

No anal twitches. I assumed it would happen again while having sex with other people. 

I had anal sex at the right age, which introduced me to a different kind of pleasure. It was satisfying and still is, but it is entirely different from what rapid anal twitching could offer.

After that, I faced my sexual life with many questions about anal twitching, and I’m bothered that the internet has no answer to offer so far.

In this article, I’ll continue with my last anal twitching experience and my questions about it. I will also share my theories and everything I know about anal twitching orgasm.

Part III – Anal Twitches Experiment: The Dry Mattress Hump

I was in my senior year when I actively sought that sensation.

I haven’t tried sex with other people yet, as I am not fond of foreign touch. Somehow, I knew it was not the way.

I had a theory that it had something to do with pushing the tip of my glans for a very long time. Based on my second experience, this should do it.

I was determined to do it without spending hours in the bathroom again.

So that I wouldn’t get caught, I had to do it once I got the room to myself at night.

That day came in my high school years. As I no longer had my foreskin, I had to think of a different way to protect my dick.

By this time, I have tried fucking my hands and holes I devised for this pleasure-seeking adventure. That’s how I knew that sex wouldn’t give me that same intense pleasure.  

Stimulating the anus will be my last resort, and I have to wait until I am old enough, as I am afraid to even put my own finger near my asshole. 

My clever way of achieving anal orgasm was to penetrate the impenetrable. Instead of fleshlights and sleeves, a good foamed bed would be adequate. I just had to make sure that no metal springs would pierce through my dick.

The first hour was a struggle. I had to fuck the foam with my shorts on.

After a few more hard thrusts, it happened. 

I felt like my dick broke. But I know I shouldn’t care about that yet. The pleasure knocked at my door, and I had to acknowledge it.

The twitching was even more intense since it came with the fear of having a broken dick and fully conquered it.

Although fully clothed, I felt more vulnerable. The euphoria was far greater than many nights I had been fully naked with someone else.

After the delight had passed, I turned the lights on to see how my dick was.

Gladly, nothing bad happened to my cock. It’s still as straight as a rod, and I didn’t feel any pain afterward.

I guessed accessing this heavenly delight through this method is a one-time thing, and I’m afraid I would have a bent dick if I did it over and over.

Hence, I resisted the urge to do it again and waited for my first sex with another human being. But as I revealed earlier, the better-than-orgasm feeling from anal twitches did not occur.

While I don’t consider myself sexually frustrated, as I’m currently having lots of good sex, I don’t want to do it frequently.

Now that I’ve reached adulthood, achieving the pleasure of anal twitches remains a big question to me. 

I hope to find time and privacy to solve this body puzzle.

Meanwhile, I have to do extensive research on how to achieve orgasm through anal twitches safely. I want that pleasure without a broken dick or a worn-out anus.

Does the internet have answers?

Anal Twitches or Anal Twitching Results On The Internet

To get answers, I tried searching the following keywords:

  • anal twitches
  • anal contraction
  • anus twitching feels good
  • anal orgasm
  • anal orgasm on males

The internet gave me the following terms:

  • Proctalgia fugax
  • Anal spasm
  • Anal convulsion
  • Levator syndrome
  • Porn videos with fake anal orgasms

However, these results are not related to anal contraction pleasure.

It’s frustrating that no one’s posting about rapid anal contractions that feels like an orgasm.

It’s also sad that sex gurus of existing generations have nothing to say about it. 

Still, I’ll try to gather data, or I might interview some people who’d like to share their experience on anal twitches and how they achieved it.

Here are some questions I have in mind.

Do Anal Twitches Only Happen To Virgins?

If there’s a common denominator of the three experiences I’ve had with orgasmic anal twitching, it’s because I was still a virgin — innocent and super sensitive. 

Also, fear might have enhanced the experience exponentially, as I am putting myself or my health in the line of fire only to achieve worldly pleasure.

I also grew up in a religious family circa 90s, so there’s that fear that a sky daddy would send one of his angels to smite me and teach me a lesson for being too horny.

If someone reaches out that anal twitches still happen after their cherry has been popped, I will update this page and let you guys know.

If I am lucky to experience it by accident or as planned, you will also know through this blog post.

How To Feel Pleasure Through Rapid Anal Twitching And Other Things That May Cause It?

As revealed earlier, here are my theories:


It is very possible to happen with virgins, especially those who still feel fear during their sexual explorations. I was in an overwhelming amount of dread when I first experienced it. I didn’t have to touch myself; it just occurred. The dick doesn’t need to be hard, though it must feel better if you’re having ejaculation at the same time.

Intense Anal Stimulation

All these experiences began with accumulating pleasure by the anus due to slow twitching, except the third. The last occurrence of the blast I had was sudden. 

I have a theory that forced anal contraction through muscle control or any other means could lead to more rapid, involuntary, and delightful anal twitches.

If it can be done with a vibrator or a male sex doll, these are things I haven’t tried so I can’t answer as of now.

Final Verdict: Orgasm Through Anal Twitching Is Better Than Sex And Masturbation

It’s not something I am torn about. Anal twitching or anal contraction orgasm, if it is considered an orgasm, is 100% more satisfying than the orgasm I felt during sex and masturbation in terms of pleasure.

Sorry if this article didn’t help out much. We don’t mean to send you on a crazy journey upon knowing that there are other pleasures than the normal orgasm you experience every time you have sex.

We are together on this journey to figure it out.

Til next update!

Updated: 01/17/2024






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